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It is worth mentioning that the transaction is carried out in the case of double offline, that is, the payment is not connected.Fang Hengbao shares, Industrial and Commercial Bank and intelligent hardware, respectively “Moving” 1: 1 Restore Beijing Metro Gate in the exhibition area, through the Billions APP can participate in the digital RMB payment brush gate to experience the test.Special coupons (online shopping shopping) have issued four batches in June.The original offer of the merchant on the basis of a single order of 2000 yuan to enjoy 10% discount., through commending enterprise units to achieve excellent results in new technology, new infrastructure.In addition, in order to strengthen security, some hard wallets also designed fingerprints, password identification.Half year passes, digital RMB application scenarios is more rich.The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Tianti Branch, the outlet staff, through the financial staff of the MaxHub video conference, realized cross-regional remote communication;In addition to setting up digital RMB avenues, six countries have rows, ants, Jingdong, and digital RMB hard wallets, the chip in the hard wallet, is unveiled with related products.At present, the machine has not yet been put on, the relevant business is in the pilot, and there is no additional fee and the cost of the cost.”Currency Exchange” debut, there is a bank that has supported more than 180 denominations and versions of foreign currency exchangeThe public can enter the ticket purchase appointment system through the servant public account, the official website, the service and trade fair app, the Capital Convention and Exhibition Group WeChat public account.”Overseas residents in the short-term China can open without opening Chinas bank account The digital renminbi wallet is satisfied in Chinas day-to-day payment needs.Beijing Winter Olympics will be a time point for foreigners to concentrate on China, and is one of the first programs of digital RMB first., there are digital RMB options, and UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat, etc. read more

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Investor: Is there a restructuring plan? Chairman, General Manager, Secretary of the Board of Directors Liu Yanfeng: The company has no capital increase, implementing the debt restructuring plan.Investors: I would like to ask 2019 LeTV applications, there are many patents for the car? Chairman, General Manager, Secretary of the Board of Directors Liu Yanfeng: At present, the company has not applied for a car.Investors: Jia total debt restructuring LETV not involved? If the number of applications to participate in debt? Chairman, general manager and board secretary Liu Yanfeng: Mr.12 million in legal fees, and when to fight this lawsuit? Chairman, general manager and board secretary Liu Yanfeng: As of now, the company has not received notice of the hearing related to the court, the court will depend on the specific time schedule.In the same year it changed its name to contact Lee.Investors: Financial whether the record will become the largest shareholder music network? Director Wu Bao Yu: So far, Tianjin Jiarui to the music networks second-largest shareholder.The shares are legal compliance, and the shares will not be included in the listed company merger. read more