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The Jewish “Bible” said that God put Palestinum to Abrans and its descendants, but the Bible recorded the story recorded in Abram. . However, this is obviously very bad about the later Jews. If you can leave Gods promise, what is the sacredness of this land? So Joseph is emphasized in “Jewish History” Branda left Canaan just hiding the famine, once he fought, he immediately returned to the promise.

The author of the Bible and the author of “Jewish History”, Joseph, who is sitting in the window of a new desk, recalling their ancestors, and the lifestyle of the nomad is obviously unfamiliar. Abram is not wanting to read the Wanli Road, nor is it a typical lifestyle of a herds, a typical lifestyle of the past. The nomads need the lush water grass to nurture the livestock, always stay in a place to graze is very unwise, so the land is far from the importance of the nomads. It is not as important as farming residents. The Jews of the later generation hopes that their ancestors will also fight for the land of Canaan like them, I am afraid that Abram is disappointed with his children. Not only this, when the story of the earliest ancestors of the Hebrew, there have been many plots that make the Jews of the later generations cant understand, but we can find that those incredible stories are just a nomadic Living habits and the customs of people at the time. read more

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In the future, there will be a brand of Bainaohui will be combined with the network platform in many ways.First, find the king of the king of Zheng Suxi, the malan and the minister, gave them a lot of gold and silver jewels, let them go to Chu Huaiwang to blow the lower wind to achieve and The purpose of the countrys break.When you watch the sixth minute, good hairdressing WeChat said to go to China Street to eat hot pot.” But Chu Huaiwang is not Remind Qu Yuans goodwill reminder when he returns.In addition to the platform of the scenic spot, you can see that users will see the quality and after-sales quality when they purchase tickets and platforms on the line, which is also an important reason for the improvement of the user experience in the scenic spot ticket business. read more

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Final For the ophthalmothes of the video number, some netizens said that the bottleneck of the video number is not technology, but the location of the product, the core of WeChat is communication, and it is impossible to switch to the video.”Jintan Fresh” uses congenital geographical advantages, with a unique origin of direct cultural model, and the speed-saving system has created a line-running novel kingdom.Traditional base ingredients Products, facing the stock market, the fresh industry is not unburden, through the micro-world SaaS application service, refine customization customization, product segmentation, service upgrade, consumption channels and realistic lands, insist on quality and The service is fundamentally, helping “Jintan Fresh” to achieve a small and fine fresh brand.At present, with the micro-motion world, the small program mall is online.Import the people in the physical scene consumption into the applet, and you can use the micro-commercial city to do line drainage, continuously expand the size of the user, to improve the store sales.First, online malls bring opportunities for novelIn the future, micro-motion will continue to provide a transformation and upgrade scheme combined with online lines, and provide full support in brands, operations management and marketing, and will make more traditional fresh industry in digitalization.Did you see the chance?Sound shoes are not worthy, because byte beating short video technology has been higher than Tencent, video number will never surpass!Dafa Fa video said that the video number will never do it.High-risk shadow banks have a higher historical peak pressure dropping 23 trillion yuan.Use social interaction, you can use a certain marketing means, such as newcomers, full reduction, spike promotion, etc.One pool is dead, the total is simple and crude, there is a click of money, everyone is willing to do a good video., to attract users, cultivate users, exchange users consumption loyalty.Based on these points, you can solve it through the micromall or small program transformation.Friends who have brushed the video number must have such a feeling, just brush a few video, I feel that it is not interesting.According to the “Jintan Fresh” small programmed mall demand, in addition to the original Dada Express, it is new access to the US group and Jingdong distribution, guarantee the speed and control cost.The video number is huge from the positioning circle or the platform support!And netizens said that the video number is indeed, the private manner is very good, but what is it? Use it! read more