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The back of the case is “Higher, Further, Faster.Wake Cao Cao asked why Xiao Yan did not ask him, after the truth, I thought it would get praise and pet, which knows how to live for funeral Huangquan, then what Cao Cao thinks? ?In terms of original copyright protection, the video is based on the technical identification and operation system, and the creation of a good original creation ecology is built by combating infringement, marketing and low quality.This little lady is also looking at him to sleep, thinking that he will fight the sand field all the year, I want him to sleep for a while, I didnt call, and if Cao Cao called a fragrance, I didnt sleep directly.This little lady did not listen to him.I heard the sound of the sharpener thought that it was to kill himself, just started to be strong, rushed to kill, and later saw the tied pigs knew people.No matter what is nothing, Cao Cao The nature is very different, think this is a reverse.Instead, Cao Cao is suspicious, but it is better to say that he has been preventing happening, and everything he does is based on others who will not have organic, and they will be proud to kill a thousand.It is known to have high quality creators, and the authors will develop growth and content creation from 0 to 1.Dumber. read more


One of the generals who want to rebel, even the emperors have come to their own army inspections, and even enter their own bedrooms still call sleep.Han Xin can mobilize the army to attack all the countries, because he represents Liu Bang, but when he wants to resist Liu Bang, can he mobilize his part?Han Xin is just working for Liu Bang, so they accept Liu Bang command.In the life of Han Xin, there have been many opportunities to independence, become a prince, and even the counsel tells him, he can decide Liu Bang and Xiang Yu.When he contacted Zhang Fei at the time, it was the general, and it is also along with Guan Yu.When the East Loan Legion, he said Zhang Fei.Han Xin really can rebel, is that he is separated to Chu to become Chu Wang.At this time, he is a real one prince, you can say Get rid of Liu Bangs shadow.This is because British is the anti-Qin, which is always a town prince.The following is a brief statement of Thunder: Some netizens are called “well known”, then the engineer does not need to continue working, you can take a week, or engineers are the executor of the problem. read more