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According to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “New Energy Automobile Production Enterprise and Product Admission Management Regulations”, the vehicle control unit is installed on all new energy vehicles for new production from January 1, 2017. “Che I else T-Box car driving recorder as a new product of Amei Technology, can help users understand the car status anytime, anywhere.

” Che IC T-Box car driving recorder can read Take the car CAN bus data, it has dual-core processing CPU architecture and the car level processing chip, which can utilize new communication technology to achieve harsh requirements of reliability, operating temperature, anti-interference, etc., allowing vehicle information intelligent entry, data collection , Remote control, remote upgrade and many other functions are implemented. read more

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“(24 entrepreneurs from 7 countries in Africa, participating in Double Eleven Evening, exclaimed, I hope to bring Alibabas experience back to Africa.The search volume in 2017 is more than 60 million, with nearly 3 times more data higher than Search in 2012.Sogou search “2017 China Entrepreneurship Market Analysis Report” with entrepreneurial Towards, from entrepreneurial trend, entrepreneurial choice, entrepreneurial problem and solutions to the entrepreneurship Data and analysis reference, with big data to help entrepreneurs grow faster.This issue also leads to the third keyword: “The Motherland”.no Chinese, Alibaba Nor.Execution: First completed, then perfect;Workplace: first appreciate, then promote;As a few months ago, Alibaba said 18th anniversary: ??Let Alibaba Unlike social responsibility and family, in todays class, Ma Yun once again emphasized this, he said: There is no internet, Alibaba is not;Only the full understanding of the market status, in order to better insider the future direction, combine itself, grab Suitable opportunities.”Report” shows that during the five years from 2012 to 2017, “the search volume of entrepreneurship has a holistic trend. read more