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How do you think of Li Wei? What will everyone think of? Below us, Xiaobian introduces you related historical deeds.Li Wei has studied this dialect, and summed up the eight techniques of “押, hook, revealing, arrival, refuse, guide, send”, he is good at writing books, lines Powerful, painting, the bamboo painted by Li Wei is a synthesis, from the roots to a little extreme, very small, the stone forest he draws, the birds, the flying birds are also high, far more people.Li Wei has a high talent in terms of poetry, he can also call everyone in terms of painting and calligraphy, quite accomplishment.In the first year of Jinde, Li Wei took Chen Hongjin as the festival to maintain the relationship with the Song Dynasty.a saying that letting a bottom A shares, 19 years is A-share to 3000 points At the very least .At that time, the ceremony of the ceremony was a prince, and said Li Yuxin was in Buddhism, and it was very weak.I am different, poverty makes me Stay away from these impetuous impetuous emotions, calm, drip, listen to them brag B.In the eighth year of Kaibao, the Song Jun built Jinling, Jinling was so lost, Li Wei surrendered, and Nan Tang was destroyed.Most of the words after the death of the country, mostly reflect the grief and sadness of the country.In the case of Yan Jing, the prince was died, the princes position was vacant, this time the minister began to make a long time to move, I wanted to support my support for the prince.Also invested, I have a different judgment of my colleagues.Laughter, dont forget the meaning.” Li Wei made South Tang died, but Li Wei is a talented person.As for the goodness of arc, the writing More than the sky, it is necessary to create.After Li Wei became the backward owner of Nan Tang, the relationship between the South Dynasty and the Song Dynasty gradually broke, even under the strong maintenance of Li Wei.Li Wei, this hide, it is “unhappy willow willow”, and Li Wei, who only wants to learn, and finally became an emperor.If Li Wei is not an emperor, he can immerse in poetry calligraphy, then he must be a big Wenhao in the Nangang period.His talent has been praised by many people.”After the long-lasting, Li Wei was sealed as Zheng Wang, because he talented out of exclamation, and Li Wei was guess, Li Wei was suspicious, in order to protect himself, Li Wei began Intoxicated in eukoges, dont ask politics, reduce the suspicion of the Prince, indicating that I have unintentionally fighting the throne. read more


A crash occurs when the computer issues a fault and deliberately halts that line of execution. The terms freeze, lock up or hang may refer to software that is actually still running but has erroneously wound up in an endless, internal loop that renders the program useless. In practice, the terms crash, freeze, lock up and hang are used synonymously. Seeinfinite loop.

Bad Hardware Can Look Like Bad Software

A serious hardware failure will stop a computer-based device that has no redundant components. For example, a short circuit on the motherboard will halt the operation; however, a failing memory cell can cause an instruction to point to an erroneous location, making it look like a software failure. read more