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Through mobile website technology, the company, products, and related information are presented to all wireless end users, allowing companies and products to get another window show, thereby opening an unprecedented mobile phone consumer market.Domain name is often masked by walls ObjectGenerally, whether it is blocked by GFW or the website sealing IP We can always check the IP address of this website, such as Facebook, because the IP pointing to the domain name is the DNS server of the domain registration body, which is generally not sealed, so it can be tracked using the tracert command.2, if IP can ping, and the domain name cannot ping, replace other DNS service providers try.Second, listening.So how do we choose a good mobile building company?Generally speaking refers to the domain name or IP address of the website (such as: website) There is sensitive content or illegal content) is shielded, making the website unacceptable in some areas.How to determine the website wallMobile phone has occupied 50% of our lives or more time, mobile website development and application is unlimited, can be said that the only limit is your imagination, mobile website not only makes many applications Got a change in step-flying, and also spur more new value-added services.”website is generally because the domestic firewall (GFW) shields website domain name. read more

– Remediation of the website of thInternet vulgar wind

Recently, seven departments jointly launched special actions to rectify the wind of the Internet, the impact is not small for our webmaster friends. Although the theme is to rectify the vulgar wind, it can be unpredictable for the website. The website has begun in 2005, it has been prominent, and the record has been made a few days. Over time, and. The website of the .CN domain name is much more, but the website files are getting less and less, the website record seems to be gradually faded out of peoples sight, the reason for the old Lu analysis As will follows: 1: The relevant regulatory authorities are not enough to supervise the website, leading to a large number of websites, and the domain name is not active for the filing. 2: Most of the sites are now a personal small station. If you review each time you have 20 days, if you fill out the problem, you will be submitted from new modifications and submit .. There are many webmasters to prepare for a few months. ** ** The efficiency is everyone know! (I used to be recorded from the end of 2007, I havent come yet until the end of 2008, I really cant smile.) 3: Spacer: Your domain is not in my server, so you dont pick up Into, how do you preparation? Dont take a good time between open. 4: Non-profit website (movie music) to go to the Radio, Federation, “Information Network Communication Audiovisual Program License” to see if these requirements are non-profit, or a profitable website? Do not make a record! 2007, it should not need You can you have a certificate! The following is some small recommendations for the filing system: 1: Website filings are better to make system services and management webmasters as much as possible. 2: The application process for website filing should be faster and easier to get. More humanized. The current record of filing is very fragile. 3: No filing = Off station, is it feasible. When the filing system is tightening, everyone does not preparation, when it is tight, it is close to the station. It is inevitable that people think about the burning book. The system should be to promote the Internet and should not be a token. read more

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We can learn something from here, can help others, you can understand some industry news, this is the foundation of the stationmaster network.During this time, to make sure that your site should not have the phenomenon of keywords, dont modify the title, website structure, otherwise you will reduce the trust of the search engine to the website, thereby extending the sandbox period, while going to keep the website daily Update can also bind Baidu webmaster platform.The webmaster should be your competitor, not your user group (outside the webmaster network).I have been overwhelming before, the feeling of falling to me is a place where a webmaster blows, soft and fraudulent IP.The Internet has been online for several years.Therefore, the market is still a structural oscillation, not a stable market.To understand the weight of the website, lets take a look at what is the weight: the weight refers to an important level of a certain thing to a certain thing, not just the specific gravity of this factor, but also more To focus, this factor is more important for this matter. read more