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When I used to learn SEO, when I was a rare keyword, the author was mainly Go to Baidu Hot District and Google Trends to find related, but few people use this keyword, this rare keyword is sometimes flowing, but I still feel a bit lucky, some can be very short It is also included in the time, or the spider has not seen it for a few months.Worry increases.First start from the long tail key, then try to do more keywords.The rhythm and intensity of tightly in the second half of the year requires key observation.Sahi: A new energy semiconductor and medicine in public offerings are due to the long-term growth space in these three industries, and in the first half of the year, there is a significant acceleration trend.But the essence of things is not the case, the truth is that the shopping guide website is not too important in design.Yang Jianhua: We have never very much very much “hug”, based on the same investment concept, logic, and recognition of high Jingyuan sections, it is actually a very natural thing.Gao Nan: The so-called “hug” has always been a neutral word, not in last year or this year, in fact, there have been “hugs” against different varieties in various stages in the history of A-share, so we are right “Holding Group” does not have to demonstrate and do not have to demon.and I am also a very capable person, think you will be the same as them late.On the other hand, the Northern Fund has increased the extension, and does not rule out the possibility of reducing domestic institutions.And better high growth direction from the style.Shawa: First, the overall market estimate is high, and it may oscillate.While the current market value of long-term market value has not been overdrawn. read more