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Therefore, Kang Feng continues to perform the Chairman of the Supervisor and the Duty of the Chairman and Supervisors of the Supervisory Conference.The 5G wireless broadband is 5G Internet access at home, and it is much faster than the fiber.Up to now, Kang Feng holds 200,000 shares of the companys shares.What is 5G wireless broadband? In fact, it is very good to understand, you can enjoy wireless Internet signal at home, installing broadband does not need to pull the fiber in the past, which is expensive., in the smart block, intelligent education, Distance medical, remote office, smart venues, smart tourism and other aspects have worked more cooperation with Chenghua District.China Network Technology February 24 yesterday, Shanghai Second Thirty-five Network Holding Group Co.The company will elect the chairman of the new supervisors and the board of supervisors as soon as possible.The announcement said that according to relevant regulations, Kang Feng will lead to members of the companys supervisors below the statutory minimum.January 26: On January 25, Chengdu Unicom jointly announced in the Oriental Pearl Garden, the countrys first 5G wireless home broadband demonstration community officially launched. read more

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” A rider is only 36 yuan profits, and it will be changed from the disguise from the dishes.So, when I see the friend of this article, the next fortune may come to you.com was changed, and it was suspected to be the owner.Search the advantages of ecological openness, get traffic and precipitation users, realize the rapid growth of their own value.com was registered in September 2015, which was taken at $ 370 (about 2459 yuan) on October 27, 2017, and then the domain name changed in mid-November, and the holder is ” Xue li is still in the Godaddy platform.176 yuan.Say takeaway, behind this industry, there is a huge profit space, the head is developed, and it can be used to continue.First, send coupons second, sell +Communication Taobao, you can enter a similar keyword to see, will find some peers, exactly selling money with vouchers.Recently, it was found that the WHOIS information of Xiongzhanghao.So, where is this voucher? In addition to the small procedure mentioned in the beginning, there is a designated public account.Takeaway Amoys gameplay, calculated in the popularity of the network circle, in essence similar to the thinking of Taobao.Relying on the existing way of selling, this peer can earn more than 7W a month, still not a commission.The characteristics of the following are always, they have no sense of weight, and occasionally take care of everyday life, so if they have a goal, it is nothing more than canceling all differences, establishing a society equally equally.It is recommended to open a member and use the quantity quadruption to do things.Public number: peak noteOnce the secondary person reaches the goal, it will be returned to the slavery position there, and it turns a person.5 yuan after a single coupon is 1.[Table = 98%, # 1886e3] [TR] [TD] [B] [size = 3] [color = # ffffff] How to make profits for takeaway Taobao? [/ color] [/ size] [/ b] [/ TD ] [/ TR] [/ table] corrects, this is not a traditional brushing friends, or to promote it by group. read more