A seven law in CheShidao, expressing the feelgs of miss

During the Northern Song Dynasty, many poets were straightforward because of their character, but they were often crowded and degraded, especially Su Shis encounter. As the saying goes, I know the world, I can know a few people. Sometimes I have a heart to people, but I am not careful, even if I am open, I will be angry.

It is also a blessing, which is still sad, but it is also a blessing. One talented child has got a help of Mr. Dongpo, although it was reached by Mr., but he was grateful for him in a lifetime, and he expressed his feelings in the work. Here is a seven-law in Chen Shidao, magnificent, meaning and deep, Ji Xiaolans appraisal: the deeper is deep. Below us, Xiaobian brings a detailed article introduction. read more

– Remediation of the website of thInternet vulgar wind

Recently, seven departments jointly launched special actions to rectify the wind of the Internet, the impact is not small for our webmaster friends. Although the theme is to rectify the vulgar wind, it can be unpredictable for the website. The website has begun in 2005, it has been prominent, and the record has been made a few days. Over time, and. The website of the .CN domain name is much more, but the website files are getting less and less, the website record seems to be gradually faded out of peoples sight, the reason for the old Lu analysis As will follows: 1: The relevant regulatory authorities are not enough to supervise the website, leading to a large number of websites, and the domain name is not active for the filing. 2: Most of the sites are now a personal small station. If you review each time you have 20 days, if you fill out the problem, you will be submitted from new modifications and submit .. There are many webmasters to prepare for a few months. ** ** The efficiency is everyone know! (I used to be recorded from the end of 2007, I havent come yet until the end of 2008, I really cant smile.) 3: Spacer: Your domain is not in my server, so you dont pick up Into, how do you preparation? Dont take a good time between open. 4: Non-profit website (movie music) to go to the Radio, Federation, “Information Network Communication Audiovisual Program License” to see if these requirements are non-profit, or a profitable website? Do not make a record! 2007, it should not need You can you have a certificate! The following is some small recommendations for the filing system: 1: Website filings are better to make system services and management webmasters as much as possible. 2: The application process for website filing should be faster and easier to get. More humanized. The current record of filing is very fragile. 3: No filing = Off station, is it feasible. When the filing system is tightening, everyone does not preparation, when it is tight, it is close to the station. It is inevitable that people think about the burning book. The system should be to promote the Internet and should not be a token. read more

A counsel under Cao Cao, how is itn history-

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao became the most powerful princes, and it can be said to be talent. As far as the military said that Cao Cao is not only banned, Xu Huang, Zhang Wei, Zhang Liao, Lejin, this five sons, but also has Xia Houyuan, Xia Hou, Cao Zhen, Cao Ren, Cao Zai and other Cao Weis room. In the case of the Wenzis facilities, there is Sima Yi, Guo Jia, Yan, Yan, Cheng Wei, Jia Wei, Chen Qun and others. Among them, in Cao Caos persons, although Mao Wei is not small, it is easy to be ignored by people. At the name, Mao Wei cant be compared with Sima Yi, Guo Jia, Yan, Yan, Cheng Wei, Jia Wei, Chen Qun and others compared with the matter. However, his role in Cao Cao, but it cant be ignored. Next, lets take a look at the truth, look at it! read more

-618- e-commerce is all sentient, what is the businesto choosthplatform-

Review domestic e-commerce has developed more than 20 years. In this year, the e-commerce platform represented by Ali has promoted the progress of the business.

In the course of the development of e-commerce giants, the two shopping festivals of Double 11 and 618 set off a wave of shopping. After more than ten years of development, the shopping experience brought by the double festival is more enriched.

This years 618, a large number of platforms joined the war, considered “The most competitive 618 in history, which also guess the outside world more speculated. From 618 e-commerce platform disclosure According to the data, many data are quite bright, especially the number of merchants of Tmall 618 cooperation is far ahead. read more

and the number of participants rked forever.1

Keyword optimization is an important initiative to adjust the website program, content, section, layout, etc.In this keyword, users can get more information by searching for keywords.Therefore, the new website keyword optimization needs to stick to the content of the articles favorable article, to write relevant points, deepen the users understanding and impression, thereby attracting the attention of users and improving the viscosity of the new website.The “Card Red Sightseeing Ceremony of the Card” and “Inheriting the Red Gene, the Relief Years – the Rural Child Cards Red Memorial” public welfare live broadcast activities, but also hopes to pass the innovative interactive gameplay and advanced live broadcast technology Let more people passThe Internet understands red knowledge, inheriting the red spirit, and inspires patriotic enthusiasm.According to the data released by the Department of Went, from 2004 to 2019, the number of people participating in the red tourism every year from 141 billion every year.Netizens only need to choose their own hometown, let go of the local red tourist classic scenic spot on the line and promote it.The supply chain cuts off the cotton cotton in Xinjiang.In addition, in a “Washington Post” also mentioned that there is a US chemical company is working with some clothing brands, they will trace the source of cotton through chemical way to further exclude cotton in Xinjiang.Since Xinjiang is the mainland of Chinas cotton, the US governments ban may lead to Chinas cotton and related cotton products exports “a knife cut hurt, some political forces and local companies are also inciting this exclusion of Chinas cotton.The “Card of Card Red Sightseeing” is a reference to the National Red Tourism Classic Scenic Spot Directory in 14 departments of the National Development and Reform Commission, and 300 red tourism classic scenic spots in the country are presented in front of netizens.Related media reports in the United States show that the US government has killed new cotton such as Xinjiang in January this year, forcing a large number of cotton products exported to the United States to export.It is the activities of the party history education in the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, inheriting and promoting the partys glorious tradition and excellent style.Because only the website is popular, you can talk about the performance of the product.There were more than 100,000 people on the first day of the line, and the three provinces of Guangdong, Hunan and Jiangsu were the most enthusiastic, and the number of participants ranked forever.1, increasing the amount of visit. read more