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, standardized development, standardization of PPP and other modes to promote joint investment operation parking facilities.These overheating problems are various, including the phenomenon of screen edge pixelation, vertical stripes, and display color changes, and more serious, the screen corner will eventually melt.Further, “Implementation Plan” also proposed, campTo make good market environments, relax market access conditions, encourage all kinds of market subjects to participate in parking facilities, equipment research, product supply, facility maintenance, operation management and information system construction.I remember, during the drama broadcast, we small “love beans,” the fan club took the initiative to appeal to fans not to “controlled assessment” in order to create a healthy discussion environment.Not to mention the public out of the loop, I am afraid that the fans belong to the same circle of rice is difficult by “mutual tear” to judge the merits.In groups, everyones action logic is also very simple: “Dont be rushing, you dont rush, how can the brothers data will look good?” It is not difficult to find that the general data logic has long dominated in the ring.the road traffic organization around the community should optimize the road traffic organization around the community.Fans in a highly dense and long-term single information environment, the role of information in the cocoon room, meal circle conflicts often fall into the “public that goes rational woman and she said,” the state.During the broadcast, the number of endless interviews, variety and “sugar site” stimulates a lot of secretion, let my heart swell like balloons, so happy seems to be flying. read more