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xml), select Update Time, Submit, you have made a silian_example.Ren Zhengfa is 44 years old to create Hua, Sam Walmarton 45 years old, Pandurbon 45 years old Coca-Cola, Chen Zimins 50-year-old resigned, three times, Harrants Sanshan 66 years old to create KFC, Yu Timejian 51-year-old Jade Smoked Factory, 74-year-old Ten Atheric species Orange.jiasule.Submit the dead chain file: Fill in the deadline file address (such as: www.Click on the right “Add new dataI know that Chuangyu propaganda and Baidu reach a cooperation: its security acceleration platform acceleration is officially renamed “Baidu Acceleration”.Select the left “dead chain submissionAccelerated music and Baidu merges are not unexpected.The deadline list will be submitted into a dead chain file, please refer to the help document (consistency with the SiteMap format and production method)com to jiasule.example.Related reading: DNSPOD + Security Bao +360 Website Guardian Double CDN Acceleration Services Acceleration, 360 Website Guards, Security Treasure CDN Website Accelerated Experience Tencent Cloud and Security Bao Cooperative CND Market 3BT Formatxml deadline file, upload SILIAN_EXAMPLE. read more

if some good domain name has been used by others

principled nine, pay attention to the companys brand promotion, improve website conversion rate.Operators must not organize other operators to make false or misunderstood business propaganda by organizing false transactions.Because the space is too important, lets try, if there is unstable space, even if there is SEO traffic, it cant be turned.The purpose of this is that after the netizen enters the page, the time is browsing, the access page is increased, the jump rate is low, so the experience is better, so the ranking is very stable;some people think that SEO will die, in fact, this argument is also a lot.I summarized the analysis of the following three categories: On the argument: Some people think that SEO is dead;Therefore, brand awareness, brand exposure will still have an impact on SEO, although this impact is indirect, but the brandPromoting the transaction rate after the traffic enters the site, the advertising transaction rate will have a huge impact.Help, now doing the interior chain to really try to figure out what the user is searching for this keyword, he still wants what, maybe I want to know what, add this type of article link, do you can effectively reduce the website jump rate, improve the whole Station website sticky, then the keywords of the website can be added to the page layout to add a link to the home page;The so-called substance is gathered, and people use the group.The most terrible is the most SEO ranking has a very far-reaching impact;For example: the company brand is the Red Fuji Forklift Accessories Network, the domain name suggestion Choose Red Fuji full to fight COM or CN, if some good domain name has been used by others, then add the letter or numbers or numbers, such as Ihongfushi., through this improved domain name and brand word, the company name correlatio. read more