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ArticleToday, Chongqing has launched the first 5G driver bus, 5G development can be described as a speed.In addition, do this TAG page core difficult: First, you have enough content (this It is necessary), two is you still have toFind the right keyword.Thus, in the search limited circumstances, use a separate mobile site domain name is the best option.for a pictureShow also should be cautious, dont let the picture flood the entire screen, otherwise the user will see the picture, and see the corresponding content, which will seriously affect the users reading experience.Of course, if the URL of the aggregate page is too unsatisfactory, you can also optimize (this is a technology ha)I found someone to know, I can understand the website – Jingdong hahaha.Can the corporate website can do a polymeric page? See online saying that there is only a large platform website to do the aggregate page, dont do the aggregate page less than 5000 pages? In fact, it is not.Fourth, optimize content, improve the loading speedAs shown in the figure, this is the TAG tag aggregation page., such as Baiyang SEO, the earliest project operation, Jiedu PCB (hereinafter detailed, there is also a site optimization case) Enterprise Station also made aggregated pages.It would have been possible, but we ignored in the mobile terminal, the search engine for the PC resources are exclusive.Second, you can do some topics, get keywords or manually edited aggregate pages through special programs or manually edited.You are still silly asking, why do you have so many corrupt officials, this is negative energy!For example, the daily post of ZAC does not use this, in the end of the article, the end of the sentence is why.A5 Entrepreneurship Network invites quality enterprises to cooperate to provide companies with a variety of declarative services. read more

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Two years later, Wu Wang called the eight hundred Houhui Master Alliance.Zhou Chao has experienced 37-generation heaven, more than 800 years, to 256 BC, was destroyed by Qin State.In short, the solution can be said to be a small talented talents in the history of the Ming Dynasty, but he is also a good fame, and his death is tragic, but it is also reasonable.It was not until eight years after the emperor died, Xie Jin was liberated.However, the music is sorrow.He continued to assist in Lu Shang, Zhou Gongdan is a self-help, calling the public, and the leading business, continuing the Wen Wangs undertaking.Emperor, it is said to be flesh, grace Dead.Zhou people redeeminated Xibo with treasures and beauty. read more

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