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“Ming History Li Zicheng” records: self-suited, Ye, Kiang Liang, Song, Song Mingsheng, there is a self-cultivated heart, and take care of yourself.Now it is developed.The wife and wife dozens of wife, the person, the account, the number of womens music, and the self-cultivation, self-sufficient taste.Finally, the salty fish turned over, but there will be today, will definitely began to enjoy it.In the end, Li Zicheng was defeated by the Manchu, withdraw from Beijing, and was pursued by the Qing army, and finally defeated all the way, and finally lost in Hubei Jiung Mountain.Li Zicheng kill Luo Yuecai, I spent a thought, Li Zicheng design, giving a banquet and Luo Yucai relations very good He Yulong, bundled him, arrived in the morning, sent 20 cavalry to Luo Yucai In the big camp, Luo Yu killed in the account.It is called the talents of the good gratification, taking the twenty ride in the morning.However, although Li Zicheng killed the leader of Luo Yucai, it could not destroy people.Shi Book recorded that Li Zicheng killed Luo Wei, merged with Luo Yucai. read more

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In this team, I didnt find the figure of Zhang Fei and Guan Yu.Imagine that when Liu Bei is taking the army, it is probably from other people who will be supported by Liu Bei.He caught up with the yellow towel up to invest in the military.More interesting is that Zhang Shiping and Su Shuang have never had there after Liu Beis, Holy City Home (WWW.In fact, until Liu Beis soldier has been in the years, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei began to appear around Liu Bei.When she had suffered, she will kill him, kill him, see him there is a wolf, wolf Escape, escape into the cave in the north side of Gaochang.4, the language strategy is increasingly important;In this way, Liu Bei was began to cultivate them.But because Liu Bei is an excellent monarch, it can make Guan Yu and Zhang Fei become a famous general of the world.Guan Yu and Zhang Fei continued to grow in the war.Lets take a clear clear today.One of them, living in the Altai Mountain, the helmet when the Altai Mountain is like combat, and the locals call it as Turk, so they are ticked as the family.In addition, history books have threeThe description of human emotional heating is also at this time node. read more