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With the popularity and development of the Internet, more and more people have added to the personal webmaster. Everyone who wants to build a station is very enthusiastic and fantasy, eager to succeed in the future! Most Time is immersed in the joy of the holiday, and how can I do it in the reality? I think many people have no systematic analysis. “Adhere to” is the most word we have heard, can it be successful? In the following, please talk and position from my own point of view. First talk about the prospect of the website. This should be a web vision plan. Which direction of your website is developing, how big is the development space, which is expected to have a lot of people, how much the amount of audience is, your station can bring those beneficial things? These all determine you position Whether the website is worth doing, otherwise, let your website do so beautiful, no one appreciates no value. The second is that your own advantages You have a more proficient or special hobby, before the positioning website, we must first understand your own situation. For example, you specifically understand the computer application, then you can do a computer class website, understand the game industry, then do a game class, to combine yourself. Dont do your own industry. Dont know how you are good at yourself. Because there are hundreds of thousands of webmasters doing websites, there are still many new Internet companies, we only have to compete with others with your own profession, only you are familiar with others, you can truly determine what the netizens need, in order to provide real netizens Value-value content, attracting netizens twice, only such a website is easy to succeed. There is also your own geographical advantage, making an electronic shopping near a clothing factory advantage over other places, these are new webmasters need to take it well. Then understand the competitor after initially determine a website positioning, you can search according to the corresponding keyword, what are the similar websites, how to scale, if you can really think of a need for everyone, no one is doing the direction , Thats very congratulations, the chance of success is a lot. Of course, this is not to say that there are similar websites that can not be done, as long as they can provide netizens really need content, making features and differences, or have development potential. The last thing is that feasibility analysis affects the feasibility factors including technology, funds. If a novice wants to be a NetEase, Sinas portal, advise you to give up, and start a good job in market investigation. Personal stationDont do “big and complete” to do “small and fine”, funded, human, time and other aspects, “big and full” obviously unrealistic, heavy editing work is not you can come. On the contrary, “Small,” is clear because there is a targeted focus, and you can break out a day. Therefore, the future prospect is definitely bright. Before this, there are some strategies to help you keep a clear mind: “Five Elements” and “Five Dont” should be resolute in the process of operating the website. 1. To take the content of the website to fit the actual point. If your website content is bored, the netizens dont need, then I dare to say that your website is failed. Although you can burn your website, you will never have a long, faithful “fans”. In this way, it is better to reasonably use money to build on the website! This is both enriched the website content and gives a professional, bringing a large number of “steel wire”, why not?! 2 To exchange connections with other websites. Establish a link with the right-grade snapshot update site, try to find some websites in the same industry. This is not only a high search friendship, but also has a great help to improve the visibility of the website. 3, to make a long additional short, constantly improve! Select a few target stations in the same industry, analyze their success, and absorb the advantages of their website, correct their own shortcomings. This makes your own website, such as tiger, cranedium in the similar website! 4. Be good at analyzing the access group of the website. Take a closer look at the website statistics system, mainly come to the road and keyword, and get a point revelation, analyze which age segment of your website is the main visit group? Are they all the key words? What is interested? Improvement to adapt to the needs of netizens. 5, to maintain a good mentality every day. Website may have been in a bad situation due to various reasons, this time is a persistent heart. The website is choosing, the theme is the choice, since it is all the best, you must stick to it. Perhaps this bad situation will last for a long time, but at this time, you have to do itself, stick to it. Of course, persistence is because you believe that your method is right, not blind persistence. 6, dont be too expected to the website. As the saying goes, “The higher the expectation, the more disappointment.” Do not overestimate the strength of our website or the expected value of the website traffic during the station. Because there is a lot of strength, how much is your website?I cant get everyones recognition, then your expectations are always expected. On the contrary, you treat your website with a normal heart, and adhering to the attitude of “self-entertainment”, it may get better results than expected. 7, dont blindly chasing the wind. Dont look at many music websites or website navigation content, strong layout, but its access is not achieved. No matter what type of network station you, you can eat more Internet cakes, the more you eat more. Because you can better attract visitors in an innocent environment without a competitive environment. “Millionaire” website like abroad, why is it so hot? That is, there is a website that “people have no me have”, in the network. Although many websites in China have achieved minority, the reason is that there is no idea, the competition is too strong! 8, do not group or manufacture garbage chains. You may only know that a large number of external links have great help to SE, but also very favored by SE, but there is no attention, so-called external links We refer to high quality external links, it is related to the association, keep Update frequency, no code, no external link, if there is a large-scale garbage link, not only does not help but cause a big dishevement of SE, SE looks the link as a website class and classification Standard, if you and a lot of garbage sites, then your site is equivalent to the garbage station. 9. Dont take the logo as a very casual thing. Logo represents a website image, is the core of the overall vision of the website! It reflects the inner quality of the website. LOGO design To reflect your website type, let the netizens know what you are doing when you see LOGO. I dont want to design. Some webmasters are simple to put the domain names. It is logo. If you want to pay attention to your own image, what will develop? Netizens will not buy. 10, dont have pop-up, floating, sensitive ads in your website. No one wants to surf the windows when they surf the network. Becom, after all, it is entertainment after all, no one is willing to do something unnecessary when I am thinking! There is also a part of the Internet consumption group is a student family, of course ~ they will be against sensitive information. The website is incorporatedgenies to the end of the accumulation. The hard work of the webmaster is not a proportion. To see the website as a long strand, rather than a one-night devote. Since choosingThe occupation of the webmaster, then seek breakthrough development, I have been convinced that my thinking decides to go out, and innovate win the market. But to succeed, you still need to adhere to your career and go back. read more

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as of now, Taobao live broadcast, active users expected more than 160 million, Quick hand e-commerce users broke with billions, while the end of 2019 or less than 50 million.R & D manufacturing applications represented by robots have become an important sign for measuring a national manufacturing level.First: Accurate positioningAbstract [Tmall Jingdong again war 618 live broadcast into this years highlight (attachment)] May 25, Tmall, Jingdong held a 618 media communication meeting, and announced its own 618 subsidy policy and strategic deployment.Jingdong not only invited more than 100 star and brand president, but also launched a live broadcast of music.In recent years, Chinas robotic industry has been rapidly expanded and has become the worlds largest industrial robot application market.As of March 2020, the live e-commerce users reached 265 million, accounting for 37.Cultivate the robotic industry park and strive to create a good industrial development environment and promote the overall improvement of the industrial chain., and then combined with the population to position promotion.After-sales service of the product is an important factor affecting the retransmission rate of the user.Guangdong ProvinceThe politicians have begun to provide risk compensation for the robots produced by Guangdong.It is worth paying attention to the live broadcast of this years 618 highlight.The most important thing for e-commerce is the service attitude and after-sales service!The subsidy policies, both platforms launched hundreds of billions subsidies and jointly governments to launch billions of cash coupons.For example, seven days no reason to return, package labor insurance or one year warranty, etc.Everyone knows the importance of reputation, in fact, after-sales service is also an important factor affecting word of mouth.There is a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, if blindly promoted operation, spend money, it may not have effect, so we must first do a good job first .So what are the methods and techniques of e-commerce to promote operation? read more

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With the improvement of mobile phone station to popularity, has gradually become an effective channel for companies and owners to get traffic, but also determines the characteristics of the mobile phone side, though the production site is relatively simple, but it is more difficult to retain customers want.Slow Money Technology CEO Fan Rili said, in the future wealth management market, technology + financial value will be king, slow money technology has always paid attention to the pain points and needs of website in a clear and concise premise, but also reflect the brand image for the user to create closer and more in line with the concept of user services, increased user confidence.A5 Venture Network invites high-quality enterprises, providing a variety of services declared fat.Third, the brand imageTherefore, when construction may give more consideration to write articles to answer questions, or to products and services detailed description.mode mobile devices access the network there are usually two, carrying a mobile network or WIFI, and this site makes it easier to access the user establish emotional.Share what you should do business in order to better retain customers.Therefore, most of them will end mobile phone design some of the more simple but useful interactive features, and the layout is reasonable, logical, helps users to browse and ask questions.Second, the networkFirst, the micro-interactionpay more attention to mobile site experience, if we can add a page number of micro-interactive, touch up better user emotion, provide more useful features, allowing users in minutes when the heart can also be done through the pages of. read more

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The key is that Taobao has successfully overcomes one of the biggest obstacles facing Chinas retail industry: lack trust – Alipay, is a treasure.Second, the strength franchise store: (the user carries the Alibaba China station store for the authorized documents of the brand (trademark of R state or TM).2, requiring members to be nearly 90 days of sellers disputes Number of writesThe coal sector has risen sharply, the relevant topic fund valuation is increased- Can take education US Internet editor Press: 2009 Li Kai Fu Dialogue Weibo PLURK founder said: Innovation can also begin with cottage;”Top Fund Manager” invisible heavy warehouse stocks!White Wine Medicine Holding Group Cry the Fund combination “White Wine + Medicine” thinking is also the spirit?But as long as it can be, each wave of adjustments are a round reshuffled, and which day is no longer, the collective begins a larger level adjustment.51%, receivable 3264.Details37 trillion yuan, and the industrial sectors have increased, steel, coal, non-ferrous metal plates to fight against the market.If the US can learn from the middle school to Chinas micro-innovation, then everything has a turn, and it will be able to apply it.Infair selection: policies!51% steel, coal, colored sections to fight against the marketMoved “new” is worth buying, Nai Micro technology;DetailsAsk the membership this year due to the deduction of illegal deduction than 36 points, and no intellectual property is seriously infringementGuizhou Maotais “stable market stability” policy, the reporter called Guizhou Maotai as an investor this morning, and the other party said that Moutais sales did not involve the constitution, so there is not much information to provide, the factory price and terminal guide price No change.Now Weibo registered users have surpassed the Chinese version of Facebook people (the number of registered users is 137 million).User needs. read more