and he wants to do it in the maturday.However

She won the love of Cao Cao, and the big body of the elephant could not help Cao Cao had an interest in it, but how to obtain an elephant weight makes the ministers.This undoubtedly shows that the three sons of Cao Cao have some incompetence, how do you not recruit people? And born in the House of Emperor, know that the emperors home is free.Chibi Battle Cao Cao led the soldiers to attack, Cao Cao defeated, and Xili Ma Teng took the opportunity, Xuchang was in Danjun.Because in Sima Yus opinion, the real intelligent person will not let others see their smart.Why Sima Yi will have such evaluation to Cao Chong and listen to the fine road.Originally, I was only Cao Chong, and Cao Chong, who was in Cao Cao, and again.The change is hung in the heart, and he wants to do it in the mature day.However, Cao Cao heard his talents, and Xu Xiangrui, Cao Cao sent people to the eviction, but did not be rejected by Sima Yi.Everyone called Cao Chongong, and Sima Yi believes: Cao Chong is not intelligent, because the real smart people will not let others see their smart. read more

hang in

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To fasten from above with no support from below; suspend:

To suspend or fasten so as to allow free movement at or about the point of suspension:

Used to express exasperation or disgust:

To alter the hem of (a garment) so as to fall evenly at a specified height.

To furnish, decorate, or appoint by suspending objects around or about:

To hold or incline downward; let droop:

To make (a turn in a specific direction): read more